Elizabeth Wilson


Elizabeth Wilson has been actively involved with Peace Village since it’s beginning in 1996, co-creating & teaching the curriculum and directing camps. She was an adjunct professor in the Peace and Social Justice Department at Pacific University, working there over 20 years developing & leading programs for students. She prefers to teach outside the classroom having worked in a UN camp for SE Asian refugees, with the Navajo Nation and for many years in the wilderness. Having studied natural medicine, yoga & meditation for over 25 years, Elizabeth delights in playing music, being outside and family.

Wintry Whitt Smith


A graduate of Pacific University, with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, Wintry Whitt Smith has been involved with Peace Village since its inception in 1996.  She has taught all of the core classes, and directed the Peace Village camp in Lincoln City for several years.  She started a school in Maweni Village, Kenya, where she facilitated study abroad courses for university students.  For the last six years, she directed Tumbleweeds Playschool.  Wintry is a certified and practicing mediator.

Lisa Iacovetta

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Lisa has been with Peace Village since 2003. She wrote the media literacy portion of the “Build A Peace Village” curriculum, was the interim director of the non-profit in 2011-2012 and continues to teach, lead programs and train teachers.  She has been teaching (and learning) around the world since 1994. She taught in American schools in Germany, and English as a Second Language in Japan. Lisa continues her work as a teacher at Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon and has been with the District since 2003. She enjoys her work with youth in various settings, striving to empower them as leaders and world citizens. Lisa enjoys hiking, swimming, and traveling with friends and family.  

Aaron Nigel Smith


Aaron has been involved with Peace Village since 2016. He has been a focused community building teacher at many camps using his masterful skills with music and drumming. He has been an integral part of the team, bringing the understanding of Peace Village Globa’s work to many Rotary clubs and community organizations.  Aaron has worked to educate, empower, and entertain youth and families around the world. In 2009 Aaron and his wife formed the non-profit One World Chorus with the goal of building bridges internationally through choral singing. Aaron also works with Ben & Jerry’s, The Bob Marley Foundation and PYE Global to organize the One Love Youth Camp.

Mikaila Way


Mikaila has worked with Peace Village since 2015 as a teacher and continues as program developer and trainer. Mikaila has worked as an outdoor educator, trip guide and youth leadership program facilitator for 10 years. She has a range of experience working with different non-profit organizations - from supporting wildlife biologists, to running school garden/outdoor education programs to connecting with indigenous cultures around the world. She believes we must support our youth, connect to where we live and courageously support one another. Mikaila loves to spend time with friends and family outdoors and cultivating community.