Peace Village Day Camps

What is important is the glimmer of hope we see for a more peaceful life in our children. This is illustrated by the numbers who return every year as campers and then continue to return as counselors and teachers because they believe in the philosophy.
— -Barbara Crandall, Peace Village Camp Director, Lincoln City, OR

Peace Village day camps teach children specific tools to build understanding and create peace within themselves and with their communities.  There are currently over 30 Peace Village camps around the country.  If you are interested in attending a camp, find one near you.  

We would love to talk to you about starting a camp in your area.  

The camp program teaches the Peace Village core curriculum of Mindfulness, Media Literacy, Connecting with Nature, and Conflict Resolution to children ages 6-13. It is designed for school, faith and community organizations.    

"Build A Peace Village," our new curriculum, offers many ways of confronting bullying, making wise choices with social media, and connects children with the natural world.  Moreover, it offers students a comprehensive view of the messages and practices of peace from a variety of world traditions, both spiritual and secular.

Our curriculum includes a manual with all pertinent information on starting a camp including timelines, teachers, funding, etc., as well as all the lesson plans for the core curriculum classes and ideas on afternoon activities, service projects, closing ceremonies, and graduation.  

If you’re interested in launching a Peace Village Camp in your area, you can purchase the curriculum below.  For new camps, when you order a curriculum, you will receive access to three training webinars.  

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss a payment plan, please email

Here is a preview of our table of contents, to give you more information about the curriculum.

Build A Peace Village Day Camp Curriculum

Build A Peace Village Day Camp Curriculum.  This curriculum has everything you need to start a Peace Village in your community.  

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