Our Core Curriculum

Peace Village began in 1995 as a summer day camp, created in collaboration between the Congregational Church of Lincoln City, the Peace Studies department of Pacific University and the Native Youth Council of the Siletz Nation. Rooted in humanitarian and interfaith dialogue, we now have over 20 camps across the nation and programs for children, families and adults. As experiential educators, we utilize over 20 years of work in this field with children from diverse backgrounds in a multitude of settings.  We have honed the following four classes and continue to develop innovative ways of creating an effective learning environment.


Utilizing the wisdom from numerous practices like yoga, tai chi, qi gong and sitting meditation, we encourage students to become interested in developing inner strength.  Building a calm center within provides a framework for active and successful peacebuilding.

Connection to Nature

It is our belief that sustainable inner peace is built on a deep connection to the natural world.  This can be found in the simple action of planting a sunflower seed in a pot to take home, or hiking to a dramatic cliffside by the sea. We provide unique experiences that enhance our students respect for and connection to nature.

Media Literacy

Acknowledging we are consistently engaging with a vast array of media, this class teaches students how to discern and navigate what they encounter. We cover topics such as deconstructing advertisements, cyberbullying, choosing what to post on social media and violence in all forms of media.  At the end of this course, the students will create a video or social media campaign focusing on peacebuilding.

Conflict Resolution

Using the tools from the first three classes empowers students as they engage in the concrete skill building of conflict resolution.  We inspire the students by providing opportunities such as communication activities, role plays, empathy building, mediation skills and understanding compassionate action.